Tuesday, May 08, 2007

D-Link DGL-3420

Just bought a DGL-3420 from Fry's to act as a wireless adapter for my girlfriend's old iMac. Configuration of some of the functions, including WEP, only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer due to stupid broken JavaScript. No Firefox, no Mozilla, no Netscape, no nothing.

"No problem," I think. "Just update the firmware, that'll probably fix it." The box ships with firmware version 1.01, and firmware 1.02 is out there. But guess what else is broken in 1.01? Yep, firmware update.

In summary, you'll need IE just for a moment to use this thing. Once up to firmware 1.02, though, enabling WEP works in Firefox. Naturally, it's quite possible that newer boxes will ship with 1.02 and Fry's is just unloading the old inventory.